Impressed Current Anode

High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes

The advantages of using Silicon Iron Impressed Current Anodes have been widely known throughout the Cathodic Protection Industry for many years. Their specific resistance, their suitability for fresh water, sea water and deep ground-bed installation, added to their proven low consumption rate and dependability, have enhanced their position as the number one choice available to Cathodic Protection Engineers.


High Silicon Cast Iron Solid Anodes

Solid anodes are available with or without a chrome additive. This chrome additive enhances the performance of the anode system and is usually accepted as standard.


Dimensionally Stable Anodes (DSA)

Platinized Titanium Rod Anodes. The two most common platinized anodes in use in the cathodic protection industry incorporate titanium and niobium substrate. The performance of these anodes in seawater at high current densities is well established.


Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO)

The MMO anodes are composed of a titanium-ribbon substrate coated with a mixed-metal-oxide catalyst. Because the titanium substrate is naturally passivated by oxidizing film, the ribbon anode remains dimensionally stable over time. Direct current transfer is accomplished through the mixed-metal-oxide catalyst, which is high conductive, and fully oxidized so that the higher current outputs are possible. This two-part composition allows for a maximum current density of 5.0ma/sq. Ft. to achieve a 50-year design life.

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