Junction boxes

Anode Junction Boxes

Cathodic protection junction boxes are design to provide a termination point for multiple anodes cables before routing to a cathodic protection rectifier. In the junction boxes anodes cables are normally routed through current measurement shunts and terminated on a common copper bus bar.


Bond Boxes

Cathodic protection bond boxes are designed to provide a location for the purpose of cathodically interconnecting multiple structures, bond boxes are custom made for specific application and requirements. The bond boxes are available with or without support frame assembly, conduit and scrap pipe for direct burial.


Multipurpose Junction Boxes

Cathodic protection multipurpose junction boxes are designed to provide flexibility to user to connect two different types of structure/equipment. Some of uses are as follow.

  • Used as a negative connection junction box
  • Used as a drain point junction box
  • Used as a reference electrode junction box
  • Used as a direct bond junction box
  • Use as a cable splice junction box


Explosion Proof Junction Boxes