Sacrificial Anodes

Aluminum Anodes

Aluminum anodes have long been used in the fight against corrosion offshore. Applications for aluminum anodes are used primarily in seawater applications include ship hulls, tank interiors, offshore structures, submerged pipelines, piers, pilings etc. Aluminum anodes are designed for optimum performance under a variety of environmental conditions and temperature ranges


Zinc Anodes

Zinc anodes are the most traditional anodes and were first used more than 160 years ago by Sir Humphrey Davy for protection of warships. Tn modern times, zinc anodes are widely used and are designed for the cathodic protection of steel in salt water, brackish water, fresh water & saline mud environments and for underground structures and pipelines. Zinc anodes can be supplied with cable connections welded to requirements.


Zinc Ribbon Anodes

Zinc ribbon anodes are used in a variety of applications. They are used for cathode protection on buried pipelines, for A.C. mitigation on pipelines, for sacrificial cathodic protection of secondary bottoms on above-ground storage tanks, for A.C. mitigation grounding mats and for other corrosion protection applications.


High Temperature Zinc Anodes

High temperature zinc anode is a special zinc alloy developed to meet the demand for a sacrificial anode for use at elevated temperature. TLF supplied high temperature zinc anodes are practically cadmium free and are recommended for environmental reasons.